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April 1st, 2022 | by
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In social media and on the Internet in general, there are thousands of tricks and creative solutions to make everyday life easier – so-called lifehacks.

We also want to provide you with helpful tips from the IT sector and thus simplify your everyday work. Shortcuts, tutorials, tips and tricks – that and much more awaits you in our new series #ITbites, which we launched in February 2022 for and with you.

Every three weeks, we publish a new life hack on our social media channels Facebook and Twitter under the hashtag #ITbites.

You don’t have a Facebook and/or Twitter account? No problem! At the end of each quarter, we’ll summarize the tips & tricks for you and publish them here on the blog so you don’t miss a thing!

And so we start today with the first three posts from our new series #ITbites:

No.1: Lock your screen

You have to leave your workplace for a short time and want to lock your screen to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your data? Then the following shortcut is definitely the right one for you:

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Windows: Windows button + [L] // MAC: [ctrl] + [cmd] + [Q]
(Source: Own illustration)

No.2: Screen recording made easy

You want to create a screen recording with sound quickly and easily? But you don’t know exactly which tool you can use for free? The keyword here is “PowerPoint”! Yes, that’s right – PowerPoint can also record videos.

We have created a tutorial for you, in which we tell you how the whole thing works. You can find the tutorial on our YouTube channel – it’s worth a visit!

No.3: Reopen browser tab

You closed a browser tab by mistake? No problem! Just use the following shortcut and the last tab is back again:

black & white keyboard

Windows: [Strg] + [Shift ⇧] + [T] // Mac: [cmd] + [Shift ⇧] + [T]
(Source: Own illustration)

Your Lifehacks

Are you already using lifehacks from the IT sector? Then share them with us and our readers – just leave us a comment below this post or send us an e-mail with the subject “#ITbites – New Lifehack”.

We are looking forward to your lifehacks and hope you have fun trying them out! 😊


Responsible for the content of this article are Nicole Kaminski and Anastasios Krikas.

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