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Fast, Organized, Reliable – Our Ticket Portal

August 17th, 2022 | by

Whether it be about eduroam, VPN, RWTH Single-Sign-On or RWTHonline, if you have questions about the IT services of RWTH Aachen University, we are there to assist you. Our main purpose is not only to inform you about news, changes, malfunctions or maintenance, with our IT-ServiceDesk we are also your direct point of contact in case you have any questions or problems. As the central contact point for students, employees, institutes and cooperation partners of RWTH Aachen University, the requests we receive are numerous and particularly diverse. To ensure that every inquiry can be answered quickly and reliably, we use a so-called ticket system. This system is the central communication interface between us and you. But not only we benefit from this tool, you can also use it. In this post, we will show you how to do so and what advantages our ticket portal has up its sleeve for you.

What Is the Ticket Portal? – From the Perspective of the IT-ServiceDesk

Since September 2011, the IT Center has been using an IT service management tool to process incoming customer requests. Our ticket portal supports us in both organizing and responding to your requests. First, each incoming request, both in writing and by phone, is assigned a ticket number and the requester receives an automated confirmation of receipt. This is followed by the assignment of the ticket to one of our employees. Via the ticket portal, we can then document the process, contact customers and even, if necessary, forward the request to another responsible department. The corresponding ticket number thus provides us with a clear, chronological overview in real time of all the measures that have been taken to resolve a request.

How Do I Register as a User?

Login screen of the IT Center ticket portal

Login screen of the IT Center ticket portal
Source: Own illustration

RWTH employees, students and RWTH partners have access to the IT Center ticket portal. In order to use the IT Center ticket portal, you will need a ticket portal account. Students and employees will receive this account automatically. All others will have to activate the account on their own via the IdM Selfservice. After activation, the login to the ticket portal is then done with the user name in the format “ab123456” and the password for the IT Center ticket portal account defined in IdM Selfservice.

How Do I Use the Ticket Portal and What Are the Benefits for Me? – From the User’s Point of View

The menu option “Requests” lists all requests that you submitted to the IT Center. Clicking on this tab will display all active requests. By clicking on the downward pointing arrow you can also get an overview of all already solved or closed requests. When viewing a ticket in our ticket portal, the ticket type, reference number, subject and content of the ticket as well as its current status are displayed. In addition, you can also view in which department your request is currently being processed under the heading “Support level”.

View of the IT Center ticket portal after login

View of the IT Center ticket portal after login
Source: Own illustration

Additionally, you can also directly submit new requests via the ticket portal. Via the tab “Submit request” you will be forwarded to a contact form, which you can use to submit your request to us. The form also offers you the possibility to select a suitable category and to add attachments.

On the left side of the page you will find two additional functions. Via the person icon you can access your personal account information. From here, you also have the option to log out of the ticket portal. Furthermore, the IT Center ticket portal also offers a search function. With this search function, you will be able to search the portal for keywords or ticket numbers, for example.

Regardless of whether you address your questions to the IT-ServiceDesk in the portal itself, by phone, by e-mail or via chat, you can always keep track of it all in the ticket portal.


Responsible for the content of this article is Stéphanie Bauens.

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