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Making Video Conferences more efficent- Tips for Presenters 4/4

September 12th, 2022 | by
Presenter stands in front of online video conference and speaks to participants

Presenter speaks in online meeting
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In our previous blogposts in the series “Efficient video conferencing” we have already reported on which tools you can use for a successful online meeting, how to plan and structure an online meeting correctly and which roles you should assign in a meeting with several participants.

Face-to-face meetings are becoming online meetings, physical training is becoming virtual training, and professional meetings are becoming digital. For many, the workday has changed, and even after the pandemic, some employees will take advantage of the opportunity to work from a home office.

We will give you a few tips on how you, as a facilitator, can guide participants through such online events.

Involve the participants strongly in advance. All participants can prepare for the meeting by asking themselves the following questions: “What do we want to achieve together here in this meeting?”, “What contribution can I make to achieve the goal?” and “Will I commit to the outcome?”

Other tips for presenters:

  • While preparing for the meeting, make it clear to presenters that they will have a limited time slot for their presentation.
  • Announce at the start of the meeting that you will be paying attention to the agreed-upon times
  • Even during the introduction of a guest presentation or talk, you can call attention to the time available, for example, with a sentence like, “I’m very excited about what we’re going to learn in the next ten minutes.”
  • Point out when participants raise their hands and have a question or comment.
  • Points out when the presentation time is coming to an end or there are limited questions that can be answered.
  • When time is up, you should make this clear.
  • After a short time buffer, you as the moderator should be consistent and actually break off so that all further contributions can still be processed.
  • Ask the minute taker to record the contact information of the presenters for further follow-up.
  • At the end of the meeting, refer to the minutes and thank the participants.

We wish you success in your future online meetings!

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