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Carnival, Fastnacht, Fasching – Time to be Jeck Again!

November 11th, 2022 | by
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After two years of not being able to celebrate the so-called fifth season as tradition dictates, there is reason to breathe a sigh of relief on November 11 this year: the start of the carnival season is largely back to “normal”. As every year, it will be initiated at 11:11am – that is, at this very moment. But why on this date and why at this time? Let’s take a closer look at this together.



The Number 11 in the History of Carnival

To mention one thing in advance: There is no clear answer. Some exciting assumptions nevertheless remain. Since the numbers 10 and 12 are biblically of great importance and the number 11 lies between them, it is considered a foolish or unchristian number. It behaves similarly with the second possible reason. The true Carnival enthusiasts among you have surely already heard of the Elfer-Rat. In the past, city and municipal councils consisted of 10 or 12 people each. Number 11 again lies inbetween.

Nowadays, the Elfer-Rat in the carnival associations is responsible for the organization of the events and everything that goes with it. What many associate with carnival today is Lent. Back when the start of Carnival was on January 6, Lent began on November 11. Translated from the Latin phrase “carne vale,” Carnival means something like “meat, farewell” and thus alludes to the abstention from meat. Whatever the original meaning of the number 11, for Carnival it is the most important number.

Enough of the myths, now let’s get to this year’s facts. “oche alaaf” has a colorful selection of events ready for you. On November 11, for example, the big season kick-off will take place at Holzgraben in Aachen.

We wish all Carnival enthusiasts a colorful, jeck start of the season! Some of our colleagues will certainly join in the celebrations. But don’t worry – our supporters from the IT-ServiceDesk are still available at the usual times and will be happy to help you with your technical matters.

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