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Blogging Day 2022

November 14th, 2022 | by
Fusion of the home pages of the IT Center Blog and FDM-Blog

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November 13, 2022 was the Day of Blogging. A blog is a great way to encourage exchange and interaction and, of course, to share information and news. It’s not for nothing that our blogs are part of our social media presence. In celebration of yesterday’s day, we prepared a few facts about our blogs:



The IT Center Blog

Did you know that the IT Center Blog was launched back in 2015? Since then, it has acted as a modern and central information and communication platform. Here we, the editorial team of the Marketing & Event Management group, publish various articles on technical topics and developments several times a week. In addition, we also provide light reading every now and then – feel-good articles, follow-up reports on internal company events or articles on days of action. To name a few examples:

Target groups are students, employees, IT admins as well as cooperation partners of RWTH Aachen University and everyone who is interested in our work and the IT Center in general.

Since we not only have a German-speaking readership, we also write each article in English. After all, more than 12,000 people from more than 125 countries work at RWTH Aachen University. It is very important to us that we reach as many of you as possible. Since April 1, 2016, you can even comment on our blog posts.

On April 4 of this year, the IT Center Blog underwent an extensive update. In the background, we have been working intensively on the technology. The appearance has not been forgotten in the process either. We added some modern elements, revised the sidebar for navigation and installed up-to-date plugins in the background. The social media icons will take you directly to our channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


The FDM-Blog

An important topic that requires its own blog is the topic of research data management (FDM). The first post on the FDM-Blog was published in May 2015. Posts usually appear every Thursday. Initially, the University Library was still responsible for the FDM-Blog. Then in 2019, there was a reboot and the Marketing & Event Management group took over the responsibility together with the FDM team. Since 2022, the FDM-Blog has also been maintained bilingually. You can find some general information on the home page.

We are happy to see that our blogs are becoming more and more popular. Feel free to leave us your comments or feedback in the form of a heart. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us.


Responsible for the content of this article are Jelena Ćulum and Morgane Overath.

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