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Psarra: Contextual Sensibility and Influence in the Architecture of Carlo Scarpa

2021-05-21 @ 11:00 - 12:00

Sophia Psarra
The Bartlett School of Architecture
University College London

Venice with its many islands in the lagoon is a city that has throughout history hosted many diverse innovations. From architecture, painting and printing to cartography, hydrology and politics, Venice has never ceased to inspire the creative imagination. Five hundred years since its zenith, and in spite of the serious environmental and societal threats it is facing, the lagoon city still contains lessons for other cities as an urban environment. Yet, most accounts of Venice divide between a view of the city as the architectural masterpiece collectively produced by the Venetian society on the one hand, and as a product of the ingenuity of individual designers on the other. This lecture will explore how the evolutionary and authorless construction of the city has informed the work of Carlo Scarpa, the most enigmatic and famous Venetian architect who interlaced tradition and modernity in his architecture. In doing so, it will seek to reconcile the common foundation of architecture and cities that arise over time through distributed collective processes and those that arise as imprints of design intention through the application of explicit ordering principles – the typical focus of theories of ‘design’.


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11:00 - 12:00