Temporary deployment of Microsoft Teams

March 23rd, 2020 | by

Because many people are currently using telephone or video conferencing systems, the DFNConf system is overloaded and therefore unstable. In order to provide employees with a tool supported by the RWTH, the cloud platform Microsoft (MS) Teams will be made available for a limited period of time until the crisis situation has passed. The tool was reduced (as far as technically possible) to absolutely essential services. Furthermore, the transfer of your personal data to Microsoft is carried out via an identity provider (Shibboleth) controlled by RWTH Aachen University. University employees Aachen have access to a separate domain ( administered exclusively by the RWTH.

Information on access to MS Teams for RWTH employees can be found in the right-hand column under

Informationen and instructions on how to use MS Teams can be found in the right-hand column under

Information on current availability can be found at

Employees of the Central University Administration may contact the ZHV Helpdesk directly if you have any questions: +49 241 80 99020


The following key points apply to the provision of MS Teams to RWTH employees:

  • MS Teams is intended for official use. There are no objections against the use for private purposes – to maintain the social exchange with each other.
  • The use of MS Teams is permitted for the following purposes:
    • 1:1 Communication via chats and video calls
    • Chat-, telephone- and video conferences as a replacement for work meetings, meetings etc.
  • No personnel or employee discussions in terms of labour law may be conducted via MS Teams.
  • The use of MS Teams is voluntary. However, the RWTH strongly advises all relatives to replace physical contacts with digital services due to the current risk of infection.
  • There is no behavioural or performance review by MS teams. Any data collected by MS Teams is not usable for such a purpose.

Even if it is a special situation at the moment, the use of MS Teams has to take into account the usual considerations of data and secrecy protection as well as foreign trade law. The respective specialist departments of the Central University Administration will be happy to advise you on this if required. Please also note that the CLS develops and provides parallel services to support digital teaching. You can obtain information on this at


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