Government Lifts Covid Measures – Blog Closes

February 1st, 2023 | by

With effect from February 1 and 2, respectively, the federal and state governments are lifting the remaining measures relevant to university operations, such as mandatory isolation and mandatory masks in the work environment. The general recommendations for the prevention of infectious diseases now apply. The Rectorate and the Crisis Management Team continue to urge all our members to be considerate toward one another here at our University. One example is that everyone is free to decide whether to continue wearing masks to protect themselves and others. Also, anyone ill with an infectious disease should still not enter the RWTH premises.

With the discontinuation of these last remaining measures, the Rectorate has decided, at the suggestion of the Crisis Management Team, to dissolve the crisis management structure. “Should the topic of Covid become critical again in the future, RWTH is always in a position to quickly rebuild the necessary structures,” reports University management.

Coronavirus, like other infectious diseases, is now managed internally at the University by the University Medical Center and the Occupational Safety and Radiation Protection Staff Unit.

All remaining signage related to Covid in the centrally managed areas will be removed soon. There are no objections to removing the signage at the university institutions. The central information pages on the RWTH website are gradually being scaled back. In the future, you will find information about Covid on the web pages of the University Medical Center and the Occupational Safety and Radiation Protection Staff Unit.

Finally, the Rectorate and the Crisis Management Team would like to express their sincere appreciation to all students and staff of RWTH Aachen University for their commitment and for remaining calm and considerate during this very challenging time for everyone. “With a community spirit like this, we are confident we will also be able to cope well with any challenges in the future,” emphasize both University management and the Crisis Management Team.

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