RWTH develops simple respiratory pump for emergency situations

March 25th, 2020 | by

In an interdisciplinary team, RWTH scientists have developed a very simple respiratory pump for corona infected patients. This pump is to be used exclusively when there are major bottlenecks in hospitals or emergency care facilities.

The pump actuates conventional ventilation bags, so-called ambu-bags, which are normally used for “manual” ventilation. In addition to the ambu-bags, plastic parts from the 3D printer, an electric motor, power supply and small parts – such as screws – are required to build a ventilator pump. A standard FDM 3D printer with at least a 20 x 20-centimeter construction panel is sufficient to produce the plastic parts.

A respiration pump can be built within one day. Thus even volunteers with access to a 3D printer could quickly produce a larger number. The building instructions are available at, where volunteers with access to a 3D printer can also register.

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