Free Take Away Lunch for Students in Financial Hardship

July 10th, 2020 | by

As announced by Studierendenwerk, Aachen students in financial distress due to the coronavirus crisis are now offered a daily free meal in the Mensa Academica and Mensa Vita dining halls. The project was launched on July 13.

The pandemic has hit many students hard. As some of them have lost their jobs, they are now facing financial hardship, according to a statement from Studierendenwerk. To support students in need, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is now providing grants to help cover the months June to August 2020: Financial Aid from the BMBF.  Furthermore, Studierendenwerk Aachen has alleviated student hardship since the beginning of the pandemic by adjusting the rental conditions for residence halls. As Dirk Reitz, managing director of Studierendenwerk Aachen, explains: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been supporting students in need with various initiatives. Now we are pleased to be able to make an important contribution by offering a free take away lunch in the dining halls!”

Free meals are offered to students who can prove that they have received an interim grant from the BMBF or who have been granted hardship support according to the rules defined by their student representative bodies. Such support includes, for example, a  loan from AStA or a bridging grant from the proRWTH association. In addition, all students who have had their semester ticket refunded due to social hardship can benefit from the free lunch initiative.

The AStA Student Committee will provide students in need with a certificate of eligibility for the free lunch initiative. For information on criteria of eligibility and the application process, please refer to the AStA website.

Source: Studierendenwerk Aachen: Free Take Away Lunch

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