Reopening the University

June 11th, 2021 | by

Due to the positive developments regarding the rates of infection and the resulting new legal framework, the Rectorate, the Crisis Management Team and the chairpersons of the examination boards, the deans of academic affairs, and the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning have developed a concept for reopening the University in some areas.

This concept includes general conditions for courses and exams but also for cultural events. It can be downloaded here: Concept for Reopening the University

Currently, the relevant guidelines on teaching and learning are being adapted accordingly. As soon as they are available, we will notify you again.

For the areas of research and regular university operations, we still have to wait for federal regulations for the period after July 1. We expect to implement the next steps in slowly reopening RWTH after that.

Since many reopening steps depend on the rates of infection in both Aachen Städteregion and NRW, the regulations in effect for the incidence levels on a given day must be observed. Please refer to the following website to find the latest information: Regulations for Courses and Exams Depending on Incidence Levels

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