Summer Semester: Classes Predominantly Held Face-to-Face

March 9th, 2022 | by

Although the University Ordinance on the Coronavirus Epidemic has not been extended or updated yet, the University is attempting to determine rules for the summer semester after consultation at a special meeting of the Rectorate’s Commission for Teaching, as all parties will need some notice.

In line with the assessment of the Ministry of Culture and Science, the summer semester will be predominantly face-to-face: According to the Rectorate, courses and events will generally be held in person. Professor Aloys Krieg, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning, adds: “We currently do not have any information on regulations regarding checks, distancing and mask requirements, etc.”

Instructors are encouraged to continue the flipped classroom format that had already proven to be effective prior to the pandemic. If instructors would like to offer their courses in an exclusively remote format for justifiable reasons, please clarify this with the respective Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs or Dean’s Office. In such cases, instructors are urged to inform students via announcements on the relevant websites or the virtual classroom well ahead of time.

According to information from the health department of Städteregion Aachen, the facility-based vaccination requirement at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen only applies to students who are directly in contact with patients. The Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs or Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine will discuss the exact arrangement directly with the students concerned.

RWTH asks for your understanding that regulations are subject to change due to the unforeseeable pandemic developments during the summer semester.

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