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Follow-up Report on Coscine – FAIR Data is my kind of Data!

February 29th, 2024 | by
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The Love Data Week 2024 may be over, but our love for FAIR data remains! Among the many exciting talks that took place during this week was the presentation “Coscine – FAIR Data is my kind of Data!”. In this blog post, we take a look at the aspects presented and the exciting developments that are shaping the future of FAIR data at Coscine.

Starting the Coscine presentation on February 16, 2024 with around 30 participants, Katja Jansen warmly welcomed all interested parties. In addition to general information about the RDM platform, basic functions were explained and deep insights were given into the FAIR principles and the extent to which researchers can treat their data FAIR by using Coscine.

If you missed the presentation, you will not be left behind. The presentation slides can be found on Zenodo. You can also watch the entire presentation on YouTube. Please note that the presentation was held in German.

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New Features

A particular highlight of the presentation was the new features that have recently been implemented:

Improvements to the search function

Coscine’s search function has been further optimized to enable users to search for their data and resources even faster and more precisely. The improved search function is designed to make research work more efficient.

Name of application profile and direct link

The name of the application profile used in a resource is now clearly marked. In addition, a direct link can be used to quickly access the desired profile.

Reduction of decimal places for quota information

The display of quota information has been improved by reducing the number of decimal places. This gives users a clearer and more concise display of their data quotas.

Paging for resources with many files and application profiles

As working with large resources and profiles can be challenging, the paging function has been implemented to speed up the loading of resources and application profiles.

New API version since the end of last year

The new APIv2 version has been available since the end of last year and enables improved integration of Coscine into users’ research projects. A separate article specifically on this topic has already been published on the RDM blog.

Continuous improvements to system stability

The stability of the system is a top priority. We are therefore continuously working on improvements to minimize downtime and provide a reliable platform for research data management. This means that, in addition to the current implementation of new features, updates and upgrades to the platform are always being worked on.


Outlook on New Functions

Publication request by e-mail (RWTH Publications)

We are currently working on implementing a function that will allow users to submit publication requests to RWTH Publications directly by e-mail. This function should make the process of publishing research results considerably easier. In the future, other university libraries will also be added as an option.

SPARQL Queries for Coscine projects

The integration of SPARQL queries should open up new possibilities for data retrieval and analysis in Coscine projects. This function is particularly desirable in the context of NFDI-MatWerk.

Individual settings for emails

In future, users should be able to decide for themselves when they receive emails. Currently, e-mails are still generated automatically and sent to users every time a project is created or storage space options etc. are changed.

Saving metadata in a bucket

Users are to be offered additional security for their data by introducing the option of saving metadata in a special bucket.

Improvements in the use of AIMS

We are continuously working on optimizing AIMS, the application profile generator, to make it easier for users to use it and create individual profiles.



Following the presentation, participants took the opportunity to clarify any unanswered questions and to provide comments and feedback on the RDM platform Coscine.

We would like to thank all participants for their interest and input, which we always welcome.


Learn More

Do you have questions about Coscine and would like a step-by-step guide through the platform? Then join us for the Coscine Basic Workshop on March 6, 2024! You can find all the information you need on the website of Coscine.

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