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Nice to know – Name change

August 7th, 2020 | by

You can easily change some of your personal information via the Selfservice. For example, you have the possibility to change your address and your contact e-mail address on your own. But what about a name change? Whether due to a change in your life or a simple spelling mistake in your name, a name change is sometimes not inevitable. In this case, you cannot make the change yourself, but in today’s “Nice to know” article we will tell you what to do to make a name change.

Your name is not spelled correctly or has changed? Now a name change is necessary. You can read how to do this here! (Photo:

I study at the RWTH Aachen University

You are a student of RWTH and your name has changed or is not shown correctly on certificates, documents and printouts? If this is the case, please contact the Registrar’s Office directly. Here your master data record will be changed and synchronized with the Identity Management. To initiate a name change, simply write an e-mail to

I work at the RWTH Aachen University

The Human Resources Department (Division 8.1 Academic Employees and Assistants) is responsible for changing the names of RWTH staff. There you can also send your request directly by e-mail to After your personal data have been changed, they will be synchronized with the Identity Management and you can check them in the Selfservice.

You have both student and staff status?

Students who are also employees of RWTH have personal data records at the Human Resources Department as well as at the Registrar’s Office. For this reason, you need to contact both, the Registrar’s Office and the Human Resources Department, to arrange a complete name change. Again, you will not see the correction until the systems are synchronized.

It is not in itself difficult to initiate a name change or correction, but it is important that it is done as soon as you notice that the data is no longer up to date or incorrect. Please note that due to the synchronization, it can take one or two days until all changes are applied in the systems after they have been entered.

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