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Always on our radar: Quality assurance and customer satisfaction

January 22nd, 2021 | by

Satisfied customers and those who want to become satisfied customers are our top priority at the IT Center. For support, this means not only a high level of availability and a quick response time to requests, but also providing comprehensive instructions. We always aim to fulfill your expectations and wishes in the best possible way – even if this may not always be obvious at first glance.

Schriftzug Service und Qualität für den Nutzer

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Away from machines – towards the customer

IT and its users have changed a lot in the last decades. Whereas 20 years ago IT was mainly used in research and development, falling prices and better accessibility have led to IT becoming an everyday tool for everyone. In this context, the user base has also changed: from a few technology-savvy companies and private users who were willing to bear the corresponding costs to everyone.

The resulting inhomogeneity of the users also changed the demands on IT to the same extent. They increasingly expected customized IT service packages to be provided from a single source. For the IT Center, this meant the need to improve service processes for everyone. Because in addition to the demands and the increasingly growing number of customers, the corresponding services also changed: they became increasingly high-quality, but also more complex.

To cope with this change, the IT Center had to reorganize itself. Starting in 2008, this required the gradual implementation of comprehensive service processes and structures for increasingly complex services. For the first time, the process-based approach assessed and provided IT services not only according to company-specific needs, but also taking into account the added value for customers. As a modern IT service provider with clearly defined processes and services, the planning, delivery, support and efficiency optimization of IT services have since been considered. This clearly includes not only customer service, but also the corresponding satisfaction.

And your opinion as a customer plays an important role here, because you can help us to become better and better. That’s why we regularly ask for your opinion in our user surveys. The most recent survey is currently still being evaluated. The results will be presented in the first quarter of this year.

The importance of quality management

Within the framework of quality management, quality assurance plays a decisive role in establishing and maintaining customer satisfaction. It ensures that defined quality requirements for service provision, including corresponding support, are met.

In the area of support, this includes the creation of commitment and transparency on the one hand and target group-oriented documentation of the applications on the other. But also the ability to react appropriately and agilely to spontaneous developments.

The past year has presented us all with major challenges. In addition to ensuring support from the home office, it was also necessary to provide the best possible support to the institutions of RWTH Aachen University in dealing with their (digital) challenges. The corresponding processes had to be adapted to the new Corona requirements. Thanks to good quality management, documented processes, and the energetic commitment of everyone, mutual trust, and patience, we mastered this challenge together.

But we don’t just want to get better and better at what we already do, we also want to be constantly innovative and have our finger on the pulse of the times. Because not only the techniques, but also the needs change continuously. And so, in the first quarter of the year, there will be changes and enhancements to some of our services that will affect you as customers. In addition to optimizing our own processes, however, we always have your interests in mind. So we won’t leave you to deal with the upcoming changes and innovations on your own, and we won’t deliver new tools to your doorstep without announcements and operating instructions.

As always, we will present the upcoming developments on our social media channels, on our website and here on the blog. In this sense – stay curious and open for new and different things.

Responsible for the content of this article are Marlen Helms and Tanja Wittpoth-Richter.

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