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Cable Tray Conversion – Turmstraße Construction Site

April 25th, 2022 | by
Aerial view of the bridge Turmstraße

Source: Peter Winandy

Starting May 2, 2022, the construction site for the major demolition and new construction of the Turmstraße bridge will begin and is expected to be completed in December 2023. The bridge has exhibited significant damage since 2013 and is continuously deteriorating. Due to a performance audit commissioned by the city of Aachen and an expert opinion, these damages cannot be rehabilitated. Therefore, the city of Aachen has decided to first demolish the bridge and then rebuild it. Further information about the construction site are available on the official website of the city of Aachen.

RWTH Aachen University is not directly involved in this construction project, but is in close communication with the city in order to keep the restrictions for students and employees as low as possible.

Telephone cables & Co. in the bridge

The IT Center was informed in a well-timed manner about the demolition of the bridge. This was particularly important because existing telephone cables for elevators, fire alarm systems and other signal services are located in the bridge and had to be replaced and relocated differently.

Thanks to timely planning, the new cables could be installed by Bau und Liegenschaftsbetrieb (BLB) as early as March 2022. The new cables now run under the railroad. The old cables were disconnected in this connection and will now be removed during demolition.

So no downtime is to be expected during the construction site!

On the RWTH Aachen website you will find more information about the construction site Turmstraße in connection with the RWTH Aachen. Most questions about the construction site are answered in FAQ Turmstraße.

*****Update on 05/19/2022*****

Image of the bridge during demolition

The bridge in demolition on 16.05.2022
Source: Jürgen Vreydal

The demolition of the bridge is progressing with great strides. On Wednesday, 05/18/2022, a large part of the bridge has already been removed.
More updates can be found on the page of the Aachener Nachrichten.

Responsible for the content of this article are Jennifer Grampe and Janin Vreydal.

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