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Keeping Cool in the (Home)Office – Our 5 Tips for Hot Days.

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Summer Office
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Many people love the summer temperatures. But hot days in the (home) office can also be very exhausting.

When the air stands still and the thermometer rises to 25 degrees+, it’s not easy to stay productive. We feel listless, tired and our ability to concentrate decreases.

We have collected five simple tips for you that will help you to keep cool.

And this is how you can make your hot working day as pleasant as possible:



Tip 1: Ventilate Properly and Use Sun Protection Systems

To protect yourself from the high temperatures outside, you should definitely ventilate at the right times. Ventilate in the late evening and early morning when it is pleasantly cool, and keep windows closed during the day.

For windows that face south, various types of shades can help. This way you can keep out the heat. You can easily help yourself with a rescue blanket. You can get them cheaply at any pharmacy.

Tip 2: Move the Air in the Room

A fan can cool you down a little. Even a small table fan can help. It won’t cool the room down, but it will keep the air moving. In addition, the sweat on the skin evaporates and helps to cool the body down a little.

But be careful! Do not point the fan directly at yourself. This way you can avoid tension or even a cold.

Tip 3: Light Lunch

To counteract the well-known midday slump, it’s best to eat lighter food. Summer temperatures reduce your appetite for rich food anyway. Fruit, vegetables and light salads are just the thing. They provide your body with the necessary nutrients and extra fluids. This way, you will feel less tired after your lunch break and you will be able to cope with the hours until your well-deserved end of work.

Fresh Watermelon Salad

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My favourite recipe for hot (home)office days: watermelon salad with feta and cucumber.

Simply chop the cucumber, watermelon and feta, season with olive oil, aceto balsamico, salt and pepper and garnish with mint or basil.

Enjoy individually or as a topping on a mixed salad.


Tip 4: Drink Enough

You should drink at least two litres a day. Especially in hot weather, it’s no secret that you should drink enough fluids. In order not to forget this good intention, it is best to have a large water carafe and a small glass at hand. That way you can always manage to drink a whole glass and then fill it up again and have it ready to drink.

Tip 5: Cold Footbath

Why not really enjoy being in the home office? For example, with a refreshing footbath under your desk. Luxury can be so simple – but watch out for your technique! And for an extra freshness kick, drip some mint oil into your footbath.

The office version of this: Bring a guest towel and a matching lunch box to the office. Now you can soak the towel in water, put it in the fridge and apply it to your temples, neck and wrists as needed to freshen up.

We hope that these simple tips will help you to keep cool in the (home) office. Do you have any other tips that help? Let us know in the comments!

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