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July 20th, 2022 | by
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As a central institution and service provider in the field of information technology, the IT Center at RWTH Aachen University has an important role in the university’s overall strategy. Thus, among other things, the IT Center plays a leading role in the formulation and implementation of RWTH’s IT strategy and supports the university by providing target group-oriented (IT) services.

The future-oriented design of the core processes of the RWTH through innovative IT in close cooperation with partners and users in teaching, research and administration is the goal of the IT Center.

In order to advise the management of the IT Center in fundamental matters, the RWTH rectorate appoints a so-called steering group.

The Steering Group

This committee establishes direct contact between the IT Center and the groups at RWTH Aachen University (professors, academic staff, technical and administrative employees, as well as students) for whom the IT Center provides services.

The steering group consists of eight elected members and 13 deputies as well as seven permanent guests. These are representatives of central institutions of the RWTH, the data protection officer of the RWTH as well as representatives of the university administration and the rectorate. The director and the managing director of the IT Center are also part of the steering group – but, just like the guests, without voting rights.

The Steering Group Meeting

The meetings of the steering group usually take place three times a year on the premises of the IT Center. Representatives of the groups advise the IT Center on strategic decisions and support the IT Center in all fundamental matters.

This constructive exchange is of enormous importance for the future-oriented development of the IT Center and thus also of the university.

Finally back in presence

On June 24, 2022, after more than two years, the steering group meeting took place in the rooms of the IT Center and the exchange could take place in person again.

Catering station during the steering group meeting

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We look forward to welcoming all members and guests in person again in the future!


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