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New Semester, New RWTHapp

March 17th, 2023 | by
RWTHApp on the smartphone in hand

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New RWTHapp? That’s right – just in time for the start of the summer semester 2023, you will be able to use the app in a new design with new and improved functionalities from April 3, 2023.

Spoiler: The long-awaited Dark Mode is finally available!

Did you know that this app has been around for ten years in November? We’ve published a few posts about the RWTHapp here on the blog over the past few years, reflecting its evolution. Feel free to check them out!

How it all started

The RWTHapp has been offering students, employees and visitors of RWTH Aachen University specially tailored functions to make everyday life at the university easier since November 2013.

Since its launch, the app has grown continuously and features have been added and optimized on an ongoing basis.

But only with your valuable feedback in the IT Center satisfaction surveys and from the two test periods last year could we adapt the RWTHapp to current needs, habits and conventions.

A contemporary design, new and revised functionalities, and intuitive use were thus the be-all and end-all for the relaunch.

So we researched, modernized, tinkered and tested – et voilà: The new RWTHapp is here!

New app, new functions

During the relaunch, we reviewed all existing functions of the app, revised them, and also deactivated functions that were rarely used or not used at all anymore – including the final theses function.

Therefore, with the complete redesign comes a new menu navigation for quick access to the three most used ones.

RWTHApp Menu

The new menu
Source: Own illustration

Furthermore, you have desired the Dark Mode for the RWTHapp for such a long time – and now it is finally available. 🙂

RWTHApp - Menu in Dark Mode

The new menu in Dark Mode
Source: Own illustration

Now let’s get to the new and revised features of our everyday hero. In the new app you will find a personalized dashboard, so you can get a quick overview of your favorites, courses and grades, but also information about the weather in Aachen.

RWTHApp - Dashboard

The new dashboard
Source: Own illustration

The functionality of RWTHmoodle has also been extended, so that you now have more possibilities to use the teaching and learning platform of RWTH from anywhere at any time.

In addition, you can now also find information about the various student councils in the app.

The Unibib function is no longer quite new, but unfortunately has not worked since summer due to a technical change on the part of the university library. Thus, we have also revised this function and reactivated it for you.

In addition, we have reworked the search function for members of the RWTH and integrated the possibility to create a personal phone book.

RWTHApp - Personensuche

The new search function
Source: Own illustration

How do I get the new RWTHapp?

The RWTHapp can easily be downloaded via the App Store of the respective operating system. In order to use the full range of functions, login via RWTH Single Sign-On is required.

In the next step, authorization has to be made to the usable applications within the app. If this authorization is to be reversed later, a logout from the app is sufficient.

Anonymous use of the app – in other words, without a login – is also possible, of course. However, only the basic functions can be accessed: Help & feedback, learning rooms, student representatives, job offers, university sports, international office, news, room search and people search.

And now the app is ready for individual use!

If you have already downloaded and installed the RWTHapp, you don’t need to do anything else but wait for the automatic update. 🙂

Preview & Feedback

Of course, our work is not finished with the release of the new app. For example, we are currently still working on an overview of barrier-free bathrooms, rest rooms, first-aid rooms and defibrillators.

So your feedback is still important to us. You are welcome to send us your opinion and/or ideas at any time here in the comments, in the feedback function in the app or by e-mail.

We are looking forward to your opinion and hope you have fun with the new RWTHapp!


Responsible for the content of this article is Nicole Kaminski.

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