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Help, My Title in RWTHcontacts Is Wrong

August 7th, 2023 | by
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On June 27, 2023, RWTHcontacts replaced the old CAS CAMPUS directory and is now the new, leading directory for personal and organization data at RWTH Aachen University. On RWTHcontacts, the information from the Directory of Organizations and People is displayed.

To ensure that academic titles of persons are also displayed correctly, Identity Management obtains its data from various systems. But more about this later.


Who Is Responsible for Maintaining My Academic Title?

Up to now, the titles have been transferred to the Directory of People depending on the person groups or the status of a person in the Identity Management. This results in the following responsibilities:

  • Employee RWTH (Human Resources Department RWTH)
  • Relative UKA/FB10 ( Human Resources Department UKA)
  • RON: ELK, UP i.R., LBP, EP (Human Resources Department, 1.5)
  • Scholarship holder at RWTH Aachen University (Human Resources Department RWTH)
  • Student RWTH (ZPA)


Transfer of Academic Titles From Different Source Systems

All titles are transferred from other systems, so-called source systems, into RWTHcontacts. Therefore they cannot be adjusted manually in RWTHcontacts or in the person directory.

You can easily find out to which group of persons you belong. Just look in the IdM Selfservice under RWTH Data which status is yours.


I Have Several Status in IdM – Where Is My Academic Title Referred From?

For people who have more than one of the above mentioned statuses and thus fall into more than one group, the title can currently come from any of the source systems and unfortunately can also be overwritten by each other. In order to provide a little more clarity in this regard, the IT Center will technically implement the following regulation:

In the future, the title will be selected from the source system according to the order of the above list.

For example, for external professors who are also employees of RWTH, the title is taken exclusively from the system of the Human Resources Department.


What Happens if I Do Not Belong to Any of the Mentioned Groups of Persons?

There is currently no transfer of titles for groups of persons other than those mentioned above.

During the switch from CAS CAMPUS to RWTHcontacts, the titles were transferred once as they were previously recorded in Campus. Manual maintenance of titles by the IT Center is not possible.

But: Persons who do not belong to one of the groups mentioned above can now maintain their titles independently in IdM Selfservice.


Guidance on Our Documentation Portal 

If you are looking for more information about the new directory of persons and organizations, you will certainly find an answer to your questions in the FAQ on the topic or on the various tutorial pages on IT Center Help.


Responsible for the content of this article are Morgane Overath and Christian Pudel.

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