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The IT Center Christmas Party 2023

December 22nd, 2023 | by

The annual Christmas party took place at the IT Center again this year. This was celebrated on December 8, 2023 with the IT Center staff as well as alumni and family members. The party team

put on a fantastic celebration where nothing was missing. There was dancing, feasting, and toasting together.

Vanilla crescents and cinnamon buns

Source: Own illustration

Opening of the Party

This special celebration kicked off at 3pm with a speech by Prof. Matthias Müller. He presented a brief review of the past year, including numerous memories and successes. Following the opening, everyone gathered in a festively decorated pavilion directly in front of the “Golden Whale” and toasted together. Both white and red mulled wine and cocoa were served.


“Oh, How Joyful”

But of course, there was also a festive serving and a large buffet with all kinds of delicacies. From crusty roast to vegan sliced meat, potato gratin and vegetables to home-baked Christmas cookies in all kinds of variations. Something for every taste.

Employees of the IT Center with Christmas decorations

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Even a colorfully decorated Christmas tree shone in all its glory. Another highlight of the celebration was the challenge of the most unusual Christmas sweater. The task was to wear the most creative, colorful or kitschy sweater. In the end, Nils Lichtenberg’s very colorful and original sweater won everyone over.

decorated Christmas tree

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The best home-baked Christmas cookies were also honored. Janin Iglauer was able to shine in this discipline despite strong competition and won the challenge.

The IT Center Christmas party was rounded off with singing together, festive decorations and a photo box, which captured many wonderful moments.


A Heartfelt Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the party team for a very successful celebration. Thanks also to everyone involved for the pastries and the wonderful memories. And of course, a big thank you to Professor Matthias Müller, who makes these parties possible in the first place.


We are already looking forward to the next IT Center Christmas party!


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