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RWTHonline: How to register for LV and PV

April 3rd, 2024 | by
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Especially at the beginning of your studies, everything is new and confusing. How do I register for my courses? And what does “Requirements met ” mean? Why can’t I see my study room yet, even though I have registered for the course?

Good preparation for the coming semester includes registering promptly for the courses (LV) and, later in the semester, for the examinations (PV). You can register in RWTHonline via the “Study Overview (Curriculum Support)” application.


The little ABC of course registration

There are three statuses in which you can register for courses. Not all of them entitle you to participate in the course or to view the learning room in RWTHmoodle. Maybe it has already happened to you: you have registered and are excited about what awaits you in the course, you call up RWTHmoodle and cannot find the learning room. You have registered and according to your knowledge there should also be a study room.

Logging in does not mean that you will immediately have access to the learning room. On the one hand, synchronization can take until the following day, but it also depends on the status of your login.

P for … Place request entered

The status ” Place request entered ” means that your registration has been recorded in RWTHonline, but you are not yet authorized to attend the course. This may be the case, for example, for a course with limited places. In this case, someone involved in the course must manually change the status in the background. There may be a date under the registration deadline. This tells you when a manual change still needs to be made.

R for … Requirements met

You meet all the requirements for participation. However, you are not yet eligible to participate. Further criteria must be met, especially for courses with limited places. If it is an event with no space restrictions, it may take up to 2 minutes for the status to change to “confirmed place “.

C as in … Confirmed place

You have been allocated a place and are allowed to take part in the course. If there is an RWTHmoodle learning room, you will be automatically booked into it. But be patient because synchronization can take up to a day.


The little ABC of PV registration

R for … Result calculation is not yet complete

This message can also appear during LV registration. However, this is not a technical problem. The solution for you is to wait and try the registration again in a few hours.

The reason for this message is that so-called modelling windows take place daily, during which the calculations are interrupted. The system prevents further changes during this period. These changes include registrations for examinations or courses.

P for … Preliminary Registration

This status indicates that your prerequisites still need to be checked.

At the latest 6 days before the examination date, the status should change to “Already registered” if the requirements are met. If they are not met, the system will automatically deregister you from the exam. You can check the requirements in the module handbook. You can find this in the “Study overview (Curriculum Support)” application next to the name of your degree program by clicking on the book symbol.


Tip for the start of the semester: The internal wiki for semester planning: (only accessible from the RWTH network. Please note that multifactor authentication has been required for the use of VPN since March 19, 2024)


If you have problems logging in, please use the RWTHonline support form. You can also reach the IT ServiceDesk by e-mail, chat and telephone.



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