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Company Excursion 2024 – Cologne Here we Come

April 26th, 2024 | by
VR Cave of the University Cologne

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The company excursion on April 19, 2024, was a highlight in the IT Center employees’ calendar. The idea of spending a day together outside the office was met with great enthusiasm. The plan was not only to strengthen team ties, but also to gain interesting insights into High Performance Computing at the University of Cologne’s Regional Computing Centre and then to undertake various activities together in Cologne. Almost 120 employees set off to explore Cologne and spend a great day together.


How it All Began

The day started early in the morning at 8 am at Aachen Central Station to set off on the journey to Cologne together. For many, it was a welcome change and an opportunity to get to know their colleagues better outside the office.

The first thing on the agenda took us directly to the University of Cologne’s Regional Computing Centre, where employees had the opportunity to see the High Performance Computer, experience simulations in the Cave or discover the “Barbarastollen”, a replica of a coal mine, right next door. The staff at the Regional Computing Centre gave us a very warm welcome and took plenty of time to guide us through the various attractions.

The unexpected highlight in the cave: the close-up of a fruit fly brain, through which we were given a virtual tour and which surprised us with its astonishing closeness and richness of detail.


Activities in Cologne

After this informative start, employees had a wide range of activities to choose from to explore the city of Cologne in all its facets. From cultural sights and culinary delights to exciting activities, there was something for everyone to discover. The program naturally included a Kölsch tour, a guided tour of Cologne underground and a steamboat tour. But an outdoor escape tour, a climb up the tower of Cologne Cathedral or an activity on your own – such as a visit to a museum – were also among the options available. The weather tried with all its might to dampen the good mood but was unsuccessful. Whether on rough seas, under the city streets or in the Banksy Museum – the atmosphere was great.


The Ending

The eventful day culminated with all employees meeting up in a brewery in the center of Cologne to enjoy Cologne specialties together and round off what had already been a successful day. It was great to see our colleagues interacting in a relaxed atmosphere and that the various activities not only provided variety but also strengthened the team spirit. Our personal highlight was being able to talk to people that we rarely get the opportunity to talk to in our day-to-day work.

A big thank you to the party team who planned this company excursion and organized such a wonderful day for us.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the University of Cologne for giving us great insights into their Regional Computing Centre.

The biggest thanks go to the IT Center Management – without them such an excursion would not be possible.

We are very much looking forward to the next IT Center company excursion!


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