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CodeClubMG Visit to the Chair of HPC

May 3rd, 2024 | by
CodeClub Presentation

Source: Marc-André Hermanns 
Christian Terboven during the cluster tour

On April 23, 2024, we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of dedicated CodeClubMG students to the Chair of High Performance Computing (Computer Science 12). The visit was organized by Tom Hilgers, Master student of Computer Science and part of the operational management of CodeClubMG. “With the excursion, we bring the students closer to the world of computer science. We were able to show them that computer science is not just about programming, but a very diverse subject area,” Tom tells us.


CodeClubMG: A Community for Computer Science Enthusiasts

CodeClubMG is an association that brings over 110 pupils closer to the subject of IT & computer science on a weekly basis and also offers vacation camps to further develop and strengthen the pupils’ organizational skills and independence. The association is proud to be able to get a significant number of schoolgirls interested in IT.


A Insight into the World of Computer Science


f.r.t.l. Christian Terboven, Tom Hilgers, Jan Uelkes

The main aim of the visit was to give the participants a practical insight into the world of computer science at a renowned university. The students were particularly interested in the CLAIX supercomputer. Together with the Chair of Virtual Reality, they were given a tour of the supercomputer’s machine rooms and gained an insight into the fascinating world of high-performance computing. They also got to know the VR environment and were given a demonstration in AixCAVE at RWTH Aachen University.


We would like to thank Tom for organizing the visit. We hope that the CodeClubMG visit has further strengthened the students’ interest.

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