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Torrential Rain, Party Atmosphere and Pure Fun – A Review of the Wet IT Center Summer Party 2024

June 28th, 2024 | by
Group photo of the IT Center employees at the summer party

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On June 21, 2024, the annual IT Center summer party took place despite adverse weather conditions. The day was characterized by uninterrupted rain, which, however, could not dampen the party mood of the employees or the atmosphere of the event.





Everyone arrived punctually at 1 p.m. and the in-house speakers Miriam Petry and Philipp Tomazin welcomed everyone.

As every year, one of the highlights of the summer party was the IT Center Olympics, in which the divisions CSE, FPO, Networks, RPDM, SeKo and SuB competed against each other in various disciplines. The Olympics games included:

Water march:
In this game, the participants in each team sit one behind the other. The challenge is to transport water from the front to the back. A bucket full of water is placed in front of the first person. The first person fills up a cup with the water from the bucket and pours the water into the next team member’s container without looking back. This process is repeated until the water has reached the last person in the line. This person also pours the remaining water into a crate without looking back. The team that fills the crate with water the fastest up to the mark wins.

4 pictures, 1 word:
In this game, participants have to guess a common word by looking at four pictures. The basic principle of the game is that four pictures are shown which can be described by a superordinate word. To help, the players are told how long the word they are looking for is and various letters are displayed. The player who can correctly match the most words in the allotted time wins.

In the game Ringli, the teams line up in a circle and hold hands. The aim is for each team member to climb through a hula hoop without the circle disintegrating, i.e. the team members must not let go of their hands. The team that climbs through the hoop the fastest for two consecutive rounds wins.

Uno memory:
In the game Uno-Memory there are 20 cards about 10 meters away, 10 yellow and 10 blue. The cards are numbered from 1 to 6, and 8 cards have no numbers and are therefore rivets. Team 1 has to collect all the blue cards in the correct order and team 2 has to collect the yellow cards. One person from each team runs out, turns over a card and looks to see what number is on it. If it is 1, they can bring the card with them. If it is 3, they have to turn the card over again and put it back. Then she runs back and it is the next person’s turn. The cards may only be brought back in the correct order.

Down the tube:
This game requires table tennis balls and tubes. The respective teams have to move the balls through a tube and back again by tilting or turning the tubes so that the balls roll in the right direction. The aim of the game is to get the balls through the tube to the finish line as quickly as possible without them getting stuck or falling off. The team that gets the balls to the finish line the fastest wins the game.


As there was a tie for third place, two teams had to play a match ball for third place. The decisive estimation question was: “How many video conference minutes were held via Webex at RWTH from 01.01.2024 up to and including 31.05.2024?”. The correct answer is 675,384 minutes.

Despite the bad weather, the teams fought hard for the coveted IT Center Cup. After a fair competition, this year’s trophy went to the Networks department. Congratulations to the entire team on this well-deserved success!

The physical well-being was also well catered for. The employees and helpers organized an extensive barbecue where everyone was able to fortify themselves with various grilled delicacies, including vegan options. The barbecue buffet was enriched with homemade salads and desserts so that there was nothing missing. Once again this year, a beer trolley was available to provide employees with water, soft drinks, beer, sparkling wine, wine and a punch.

Despite the constant rain, the participants spent the rest of the day and parts of the night in lively conversation, accompanied by plenty of music. Even the soccer fans among us were not left out and were able to follow the European Championship match live that evening.

A big thank you goes to the IT Center party team, who organized a great summer party despite the adverse weather conditions, and to the IT Center management, who always make these parties possible for us.

We are already looking forward to the next summer party!


Responsible for the content of this article is Arlinda Ujkani.

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