Targeted Help for Parents at RWTH

May 20th, 2020 | by

The wider opening of childcare facilities announced today by NRW Family Minister Joachim Stamp also brings relief for parents working or studying at higher education institutions. As of June 8, the current ban on entry to daycare centers and kindergartens in North Rhine-Westphalia will be lifted. All children in NRW will then be able to return to their daycare facility or nursery – with regular but reduced services. Further information on this can be found in German at:

To provide additional support to parents working at RWTH Aachen University and to enable them to keep specific urgent business appointments, the university’s Family Service has now expanded their short-term childcare services typically offered during university events. It now includes childcare for parents to take part in online events, telephone or video conferences, meetings, job interviews, and the like. Childcare is provided by babysitters from the Family Service’s babysitting network and takes place in the parents’ home.

The offer is aimed at employees of RWTH Aachen University who cannot otherwise ensure proper childcare during the online event and whose presence is urgently needed.

Parents in need of these services are asked to send an email to or contact RWTH by phone at 80-93579 well in advance of the event.

Further information on childcare during university events can be found at:

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