In-Person Classes: Focus on First-Semester Students

August 25th, 2020 | by

The Rectorate has decided that in the coming winter semester, the University will focus on enabling events and classes for first-semester students. The aim is to introduce first-year students to their studies and university life as per usual, despite the extraordinary conditions at present.

the University is aware of the fact that the limited number of participants permitted per class and restricted space available at RWTH will cause significant difficulty for instructors. It is striving to find a compromise between legal protection requirements and the demand to (re)enable classroom teaching. “This certainly requires much time and energy in some areas. Just like with the organization of examinations, we are dependent on support from the Faculties here,” explains RWTH Rector Professor Ulrich Rüdiger.

The Rectorate would like to point out once again that, due to the continuing risk of infection, employees from at-risk groups cannot currently hold classes in person. In cases of doubt, the University Medical Center will decide whether employees belong to an at-risk group.

When it comes to the availability of rooms at the University, examinations and classes take precedence in the coming weeks and months. Together with the central room booking service, Occupational and Radiation Protection Staff Unit, and the carpe diem! Team, the Rectorate is working on a concept to allow in-person events and classes to be held in rooms approved by the Occupational and Radiation Protection Staff Unit.

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