New Podcast Episode: “Prof. Amann and the Virus in Wastewater”

September 23rd, 2020 | by

In the ninth episode of the ”Corona – Our Answers to the Pandemic” podcast series, Professor Florian Amann from the RWTH Chair of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology explains how Covid-19 viruses can be detected in water and what conclusions can be drawn from wastewater based tests about local infection numbers.

The podcast series features RWTH staff responsible for the digitalization of teaching, virologists and physicians at the University Hospital, the Rectorate of RWTH, the AStA Students’ Committee, political scientists as well as experts from the fields of ethics, economics (including innovation research), computer science, and mechanical engineering.

Listen to the latest espisode in German: Corona – unsere Antworten auf die Pandemie

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