Masks Required for All Teaching and Exam Sessions

October 8th, 2020 | by

The increasing infection rate in the city and Städteregion Aachen have made further measures to slow down the spread of coronavirus necessary. These measures have been coordinated together with the Städteregion Aachen.

From now on, all participants must wear a mask in all in-person teaching and exam sessions, with the exception of written exams. During written exams, candidates may remove their mouth and nose covering when they are at their seat. In this context, the Crisis Management Team would like to urge you to read the handout Holding In-Person Events at RWTH, which explains which course formats can be held in person this winter semester in detail. At present, courses and events for first-semester Bachelor’s students (with up to 50 participants) as well as courses that require compulsory attendance (such as lab courses and practicals with up to 30 participants) may be held.

The mask obligations mentioned above apply with immediate effect and will probably be lifted again once the infection rate in the city of Aachen has fallen below 50 for at least one whole week. The already existing regulations on the obligation to wear masks at public events (see email sent October 5, 2020) will of course continue to apply.
Due to the infection rate, we do not expect to be able to ease the above requirements at present. If the infection rate continues to increase, further restrictions to in-person courses and events will be necessary. In such cases, the Crisis Management Team will promptly provide you with advice and information on how to proceed.

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