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November 13th, 2020 | by

On the basis of the updated legal specifications and out of concern for all University members, University Management, in consultation with the Crisis Management Team of RWTH Aachen University, has agreed upon the following regulations regarding travel:  As soon as anyone exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, they are expressly prohibited from entering the RWTH premises. In addition, the following regulations apply to travel to risk areas:

Business trips for employees

RWTH will not approve any business trips to risk areas at present. Risk areas as established and announced by the Robert Koch Institute. These are only areas outside Germany. There are no risk areas in Germany according to the  If employees on a business trip return from a country that is classified as a risk area while they are still on their trip, the requirements of the Coronaeinreiseverordnung (Coronavirus Entry Ordinance (CoronaEinreiseVO) apply with regard to the reporting obligations and quarantine regulations.  Division 8.3 will be happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

Employees may still go on business trips within Germany. These trips should, however, be kept to an absolute minimum. Instead, virtual formats should be used wherever possible. Public transportation and airplanes should not be used if this can be avoided. RWTH acknowledges that currently employees have good reason to use rental cars or their own vehicle for a business trip. Requirements at the destination, possibly imposed as as consequence of the infection rate at the individual’s place of residence, must be observed.

Private travel by employees

The Crisis Management Team urgently appeals to all employees to refrain from personal travel when it is not absolutely necessary. If, however, employees do go on a trip to a risk area, the respective superiors should be informed in advance so that work arrangements can be planned ahead of time. If travelers return from a risk area, the requirements of the CoronaEinrVO apply with regard to the reporting obligations and quarantine regulations. Please note, in particular, that returning travelers must observe a minimum quarantine period of 5 days after return. If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 clearance testing (especially if you have been tested shortly before returning from a risk area), please get in touch with the University Medical Center.

Stays in the Netherlands-Belgium-Luxembourg-Germany border region 

Individuals spending up to 24 hours in the Netherlands,  Belgium or Luxembourg (BeNeLux) will not be subject to a ban on entering the RWTH for now.

Likewise, individuals who have spent time in the BeNeLux countries and then enter Germany for a maximum of 24 hours will be allowed to enter the RWTH premises.

Rules for commuters, guests, visitors, service providers, contractors from risk areas

Individuals from a risk area who are required to come to the University on a daily basis or for up to five days at a time for activities related to their training or studies that cannot be postponed may enter the RWTH premises. Should a certificate be required in this context, the following departments and divisions  will be happy to assist you:

  • For students: Central Examination Office
  • For employees: the respective divisions of the HR Department
  • For guests, visitors, services providers, etc.: Division 2.2

The Crisis Management Team strongly recommends refraining from in-person meetings and switching to video conferencing formats or the like. If guests etc. arrive from risk areas, the host institution must inform them of their obligation to register with the local public health department (“Gesundheitsamt”).

Regulation for students coming from risk areas

Students who only come to Germany for up to 5 days in order to complete or prepare for their exams are not required to quarantine but must report to the local public health department, according to §3 para CoronaEinrVO. Students who come to Germany for a period longer than 5 days are subject to a quarantine period. As soon as the quarantine period is over, students may attend any in-person courses (if any) and take exams at RWTH again. We ask host institutions to inform students about the reporting obligations and quarantine regulations. For some individual students from risk areas, supervision of the written exam can be offered via Zoom. The Examination Boards have already received detailed information regarding this option.

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