CHE Study on Universities Dealing With the Coronavirus Crisis

March 31st, 2021 | by

A study by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) has now revealed that the RWTH students surveyed were extremely satisfied with the way the University is handling the coronavirus crisis.

According to the study published in March, RWTH respondents rated the University’s overall handling of the pandemic significantly better on average than students at the other participating universities. More than 80 percent felt that the University was handling the situation “very well” or “well”. The organization of studies during the coronavirus pandemic was also rated very positively by most of the students surveyed. The fact that RWTH created the possibility for students to continue their planned course of study despite the particularly difficult situation was particularly appreciated.

The framework conditions for virtual teaching were generally highly rated. Here, the technical framework conditions for courses (sound quality, stable transmission, etc.) were perceived positively. Teaching concepts adapted to virtual concepts and the instructors’ motivation was also rated significantly better by students in Aachen than the German average. Despite the difficult circumstances for field trips or laboratory practicals, students positively emphasize that although only a few excursions were carried out, the organization and implementation of the concepts were very good.

For this study on coronavirus management at German universities, CHE surveyed more than 27,000 students at over 150 different German universities. Students from a wide range of disciplines were asked about the organization of their studies during the coronavirus pandemic, the general conditions for virtual teaching, and the implementation of field trips or laboratory practicals. RWTH students of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, medicine, dentistry, geography, and earth sciences participated in the survey.

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