Information on Mandatory Testing for In-Person Courses and Exams in Closed Venues

June 1st, 2021 | by

According to the new Corona Protection Ordinance, as of Monday, June 7, in-person exams may only be taken on presentation of a negative COVID-19 test result, proof of being fully vaccinated, or proof of having recovered from infection. Test certificates must be no older than than 48 hours. For this reason, starting June 7, participation in lab courses is only possible for those meeting the above requirements.

It is sufficient to present the result of a citizens’ test (“Bürgertest”) or carry out a self-test on site. Self-tests are currently offered on a daily basis. Please note that the self-test procedure must be supervised according to the instructions already made available. Since lab course activities are completed in fixed learning groups, i.e. group members stay the same throughout the course, the test must be taken at the beginning of the week – or at the start of the course – and then again every third day.

It is mandatory for each lab course participant, including the instructor(s), to meet the testing obligation. It is currently not necessary to document each individual test result. However, it is recommended that the date and time and the number of tests/test certificates examined be appropriately documented.

The Corona Protection Ordinance also mandates a testing requirement for all in-person courses. However, since currently no in-person courses are being held, this obligation is not relevant at this time.

The Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine is responsible for implementing the regulations for the Medicine and Dentistry degree programs.

The federal state government has announced that it will issue more specific regulations in due course. The Crisis Management Team will keep you updated on new developments.

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