Urgent need for blood donors

January 25th, 2022 | by

Due to the Corona pandemic, the shortage of blood reserves to supply patients in the StädteRegion Aachen has become much more acute. For the University Hospital of RWTH Aachen and the StädteRegion Aachen, this means that the care of seriously ill and injured people can only be guaranteed with the participation of the citizens of the StädteRegion Aachen. All RWTH employees between the ages of 18 and 65 are encouraged to donate blood regularly and also to promote it among their friends and acquaintances.

You can find the blood donation service of the University Hospital Aachen at Pauwelsstr. 30, 52074 Aachen, level E, corridor C, at elevator C5, corridor 46. Please note that due to the current situation, a 3G and ID check will be conducted.

Opening hours:

Monday: 12:30 – 19:30

Tuesday: 11:30 – 19:00

Wednesday: 12:30 – 19:30

Thursday: 12:30 – 19:30

Friday: 07:30 – 12:30

To avoid long waiting times, you can make an appointment via the BALU+ app. If you are not sure whether you are allowed to donate blood, you can check this under “Mein Spendecheck” in the app mentioned above.

If you have any questions or comment regarding your blood donation, please contact: +49 241 80000 or

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