Current Information from the Crisis Management Team

January 28th, 2022 | by

The Crisis Management Team is continuously assessing the dynamic manner in which the infection rates are developing. At our last meeting, we agreed that – despite the rising rates of infection – it would not be sensible to adapt the measures at this time. Instead, we strongly urge you to implement the previous measures consistently.

In this context, the following instructions and information are given:

  • If an employee or a student needs to be present on campus due to the nature of the work that they are doing, they must strictly observe the known hygiene measures. You can also find further information on these measures by visiting the following page Where masks need to be worn, we strongly urge you to use FFP2 masks. These FFP2 masks and other hygiene products can be purchased by the University institutions through the RWTH Purchasing Portal at
  • We would like to remind you that you must provide your employees and students with the option to work from home if their field of work permits this (see also
  • University institutions can continue to obtain free rapid tests through the RWTH Purchasing Portal. When working on campus in person, all employees and students are encouraged to make active use of the self-tests or other testing options. Increased testing contributes to the rapid identification of infections and thus enables us to break the chains of infection more effectively.
  • Due to the increasing numbers of infections, effective contact tracing by public health authorities can no longer be guaranteed. Because of this, personal responsibility and prudent action are becoming even more important for managers, employees and students. If there is a concrete risk of infection, you should speak about this subject openly. The University Medical Center will be able to provide advice on all matters pertaining to quarantine and the like. The relevant HR department will provide advice on all matters relating to HR law.
  • The increased infection rates mean that we expect that more staff will be forced to call in sick. As a result of this, all critical processes (supervision of test stations, holding exams, etc.) should be reviewed again in the University institutions. Adjustments in personnel or process planning (including working in shifts) may become necessary here.
  • The Federal Government has modified the definition of fully vaccinated as well as recovered individuals. For example, a single vaccination with the vaccine Janssen from Johnsson&Johnsson is no longer sufficient to be considered completely vaccinated. This has particular implications for checking compliance with the 3G rule. You can find further information on this by visiting

Please note that these instructions are not exhaustive. Further questions are also answered on the following page:

The Crisis Management Team and the Rectorate urge all members and affiliates of RWTH to heed these instructions and comply with the measures. This is the only way that we can keep the University running. If changes in the measures do become necessary, we will get in touch with you again.

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