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Many countries, many languages – one EC! The IT Center EC Riddle I

May 28th, 2021 | by

Soccer on grassEverything was already prepared for an unforgettable European Championship when COVID-19 made it impossible to realize the event in summer 2020. But in exactly two weeks the long wait will finally be over – the European Championship 2020 has become the European Championship 2021 (officially: “UEFA EURO 2020”), but at least: It can take place despite the pandemic.

On 11.06.2021, the time has finally come and we can cross our fingers for our team again!


Kick-off for our IT Center EC 2021 Riddle

Starting today, every Friday you have the opportunity to take part in our IT Center EC 2021 Riddle and with a little luck you can win one of the 15 vouchers from Schenk Lokal Aachen, each worth 15 euros. These will be raffled off at the final of the European Championship among all participants who have solved four out of seven riddles correctly. From the publication of the new riddle until the publication of the next riddle, you have the opportunity to guess along.
Simply send us an e-mail with your answer and your full name to The winners will be notified by e-mail at the end of the EC 2021 Riddle.

Riddle No.1

Expiring contracts exist in every area of life. Often it requires then a change or a renewal. This involves negotiations between the contracting parties, in which the conditions are discussed anew, so that in the end the signatures can be set. In soccer, the contracts of players and coaches change regularly. Clubs and even leagues are changed. For example, Hansi Flick will replace our current national coach, Joachim Löw, after the end of this European Championship.
Of course, the IT Center and RWTH Aachen University are not unaffected by contract renewals and changes. These can be contracts, such as the employment or training contract, but also those that affect many employees and students of RWTH.

In the first part of this year’s EC Riddle we are looking for such a contract – can you tell us which contract we are looking for?

  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  2. Microsoft Federal Contract 3.0
  3. Beer Delivery Contract
  4. Leasing contract for autonomously driving company vehicles

And a little hint: The contract we are looking for came into force on 01.05.2021.

We wish you lots of fun at the European Championship 2021 and good luck with the IT Center Riddle!


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