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More transparency for you –
the support level is now viewable in the ticket portal

July 28th, 2021 | by
Screenshot of the overview page in the ticket portal

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The IT-ServiceDesk is the central point of contact for all questions relating to the IT Center’s IT services. The support requests we receive every day are very diverse. To avoid losing track of them, all requests are recorded as “tickets”, assigned a unique ticket number/reference number for further tracking, and stored in an IT service management tool for further processing. To increase the transparency of ticket processing for our users, the IT Center offers a web interface to the Ticket-Portal.



Screenshot of the overview page in the ticket portal

Overview page of the ticket portal.

What are the benefits of the ticket portal?

The ticket portal allows users to view their existing requests, check the status, submit new requests or respond to existing ones.

In addition to the status of current requests, users can now also view the support level.

What do the individual statuses and the support level mean?

There are 4 different statuses that a request can have:

“Open”: The request has been received by the IT ServiceDesk
“To check”: The request is being processed. A feedback from the IT center will be provided soon.
“Waiting for”: Waiting for a feedback from the requestor or a party involved.

Screenshot of the overview page with closed requests

Overview page with closed requests

Screenshot of the overview of all requests with status

Overview of all requests with status


Support levels are divided into 1nd and 2nd:

1nd: Processing is done by the IT-serviceDesk.
2nd: The request is processed by a specialist department.

Now you can see more precisely where your request is currently being processed.

Who can use the ticket portal?

Currently, students, employees and members of the RWTH have access to the portal. An IT Center Ticketportal Account is required for use. You can easily activate it yourself in the IdM Selfservice of Identity Management. Employees of the RWTH need the TIM-Campus-Coupling.

Further information and explanations about the ticket portal can be found on IT Center Help.

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