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That Was the 9th Aachen Company Run

September 28th, 2022 | by
The photo shows the IT Center's running team

The IT Center running team
Source: Own illustration

On September 23, 2022 the Aachen company run took place for the ninth time and the IT Center also took part with a total of nine runners. Last Friday, the teams proved that the IT Center is not only good at IT, but also at sports.

With a total of 4,699 sports enthusiasts, the company run became a real spectacle and even caused some traffic chaos on the way there. The company run, which was divided into a short (3.3 km), medium (6.6 km) and long (9.9 km) course, took place for the first time this year in Aachen-Oberforstbach. The IT Center was represented in both the short and the long run. With optimal running conditions and a great atmosphere, the first run started shortly after 4 pm. This year, the start and finish area was on the main Pascalstraße.


We can also be sporty

Being there is everything! Running literally brings people together and we are glad to have been part of the big event, even though we were only represented by a small team. Five departments ran this year, with Camilla Lummerzheim from the Reserach Data Management Process (RPDM) department securing a super strong fourth place in the long distance! Overall, the IT Center ran top times this year from 4:17 min/km to 8:02 min/km. Congratulations to all participants of the run!

The results and certificates can be found on Aachen company run website. The photo gallery of the races will also be available there soon.


The IT Center runs for a good cause

The company run, which is not only a small but nice group event, also has the annual motto “Running for a good cause” and uses the entry fees to support charitable projects in Aachen that are committed to exercise, health, healthy eating, sports, social bonding and more. A big thank you therefore goes to all supporters of the projects!


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