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Preview: Person data in RWTHcontacts

March 1st, 2023 | by
Preview directory of people

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After the introduction of RWTHcontacts and the new central RWTH organization directory last summer, it is now time to introduce the new central RWTH person directory of RWTH Aachen University. In today’s article you can read about the advantages of the new directory.


The New Central Person Directory at RWTH Aachen

A directory of people is an indispensable part of the RWTH’s daily work. It provides information about which employees can be found at which institution and under which telephone number and e-mail address they can be reached.

The RWTH person directory will become the leading directory of the RWTH. In the future, other connected central systems, such as the university’s human resources management system, will be able to retrieve data required for their processes from this directory.

In order to ideally support the diverse requirements of the person directory, it is closely interlinked with other applications: the organizations for the assignments of people come from the organization directory at RWTH. While the people come from Identity Management. The authorizations for maintaining the data come from IdM Role Management.


Preview of the data on RWTHcontacts

RWTH organizations are not yet able to maintain their data via the new RWTH person directory, as the Directory is available in read-only mode. However, you can already visit RWTHcontacts, search for yourself as well as your organization and get an overview of the current status of the project.

You are surprised that this is already possible? This is because we are already importing the data from the old CAS Campus into the new RWTH person directory to make the introduction of the new service as easy as possible for you.

Background information about the project goal of RWTHcontacts and the organization directory can be found in our first blog post on this topic.

Feel free to already familiarize with RWTHcontacts and the different directories.


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