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The Print Service Portal is Online!

May 11th, 2023 | by
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Now it’s even easier to plot high-quality large-format printouts on a variety of materials

In the IT Center, high-quality printing devices are available for printouts by employees of the facilities, affiliated institutes and student organizations of the RWTH Aachen University as well as the University Hospital. We print on roll paper and then cut the printouts to size so that any format is available, limited only by the roll width.

To optimize the print service, a new portal is now available for print processing. The portal, which was designed and programmed by MATSE trainees from the department Process Support and Digitization Study & Teaching (PDSL) as part of their major programming work in cooperation with the print service, now makes processes much more transparent and easier. It also significantly improves usability and user experience.


What’s new?

With the new portal, submitting print jobs is a breeze. From now on, you no longer need a user ID card! You can activate yourself for the portal with the help of a role.


How do I get the role?

Please contact the person who has the role “Administration Roles” at your institute. They will be able to assign you the role “Nutzung IT Center Druckservice“. Once you have activated the role, you can log in to the print service portal.

To log in to the portal, use the user name in the form campus\ab123456 and the password for the RWTH Collaboration Account. If you have not used this account before, remember to set a password in IdM Selfservice.*

Before you can place a print job, a PSP element has to be deposited. This is very simple:

  1. Switch to the tab “Account/ Settings
  2. Click on “Add or extend PSP element” and enter all required information
  3. Now you can generate the transfer authorization. This will simplify and speed up the payment process.
  4. Get the authorization signed (digitally) by an authorized signatory at your institution and forward it to us.

After we have approved the PSP element, you can place print jobs.

  1. Switch to the tab “New job”
  2. Upload the desired file, select the format, the material and the quantity and click on “Upload”
  3. Attention: Now select “Enter & upload data”
  4. After you have filled in all the information, click on “Submit data”
  5. Now the order has been submitted

As soon as your order has been printed and subjected to strict quality control by our employees, you will receive an e-mail notification that your order is ready for collection.

You can still pick up your job during our opening hours at the print service or – after appropriate registration – at the IT-ServiceDesk, Seffenter Weg 23. If you would like to pick up your print job outside the opening hours of the print service, please send a short e-mail to so that we can assign you the corresponding pickup ID for the IT-ServiceDesk.

In the tab “Auftragshistorie” (= Order history), you can check the current status of your order or get an overview of your old orders. In the tab “Rechnungen” (=Invoices) you can find a list of your orders and download the invoices.

We hope you like the portal as much as we do and are looking forward to your orders!


Responsible for the content of this article is Katharina Röhrig.

*The paragraph was updated on 17.05.2023.

4 responses to “The Print Service Portal is Online!”

  1. Jan Gruis says:

    “Sobald du die Rolle aktiviert hast, kannst du dich im Druckservice-Portal anmelden.”
    Hier würde ich noch einen Hinweis hinzufügen:
    “Die Anmeldung im Portal erfolgt über den Benutzernamen in der Form campus\ab123456 [sic!] und das Kennwort für den RWTH Collaboration Account.” [1]
    Wenn man noch keinen Dienst für den RWTH Collaboration Account eingerichtet hat muss man also noch ein Passwort für den RWTH Collaboration Account im Selfservice setzen.


    • Vreydal, Janin says:

      Hallo Jan,

      vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar.
      Die Anmeldung zum Druckservice-Portal erfolgt allerdings nicht über campus/ab123456, sondern über den RWTH Single Sign-On (Shibboleth). Das heißt, dass kein weiterer Account angelegt werden muss. Falls die Anmeldung bei dir nicht funktioniert, melde dich gerne bei uns unter

      Viele Grüße
      das IT Center Blog Team

      • Jan Gruis says:

        Hallo Janin,

        ich habe heute Vormittag Kontakt mit dem Servicedesk gehabt [#20230517-0092], das mir das Gegenteil mitgeteilt hat: “[…] Hier loggen Sie sich mit Ihren Daten für “RWTH Collaboration” ein. Das Kennwort können Sie wie gewohnt im Selfservice selbst setzen. […]” Außerdem habe ich den Satz “[…] der Form campus\ab123456 […]” ja sogar aus der von mir verlinkten ITC-Help-Anleitung kopiert! Du Widersprichst gerade beidem. Bei mir erscheint kein SSO Login und ich kann mich mit dem RWTH Collaboration Account einloggen.


        • Vreydal, Janin says:

          Hallo Jan,

          ich habe dir gerade auf deine E-Mail zu deinem Vorgang geantwortet.
          Es lag ein Missverständnis vor.

          Wir ergänzen gerne den Blogbeitrag durch deinen Hinweis.

          Viele Grüße
          das IT Center Blog Team