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Romance Without Risk: IT Security

February 14th, 2024 | by
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Valentine’s Day, a time of love and affection, brings with it not only romantic gestures but also potential online threats. In a world where digital connections are just as important as personal relationships; it is crucial to protect your own data.

In this article, you can find out how to order flowers online, buy Valentine’s Day gifts and use online dating platforms while staying digitally safe. Take care, friends!

Sincerely Protected

Phishing and so-called “love scamming” are widespread phenomena in which unknown online acquaintances pose a potential security risk. The scam consists of abusing certain needs, such as love, in order to obtain money. Especially in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, phishing and love scamming are on the rise! You can read more about identity deception by cyber criminals in our blog post on social engineering.

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On social media, it is important to pay particular attention to trustworthy companies and to protect your own sensitive data. Examples of this include only taking part in competitions with reputable and verified companies or websites. We therefore recommend that you do not disclose any personal information in public forums and be careful when receiving enquiries from unknown contacts.


Encrypted Love

For additional data protection, we recommend using a VPN to secure your online communication. You can find all the facts you need about VPN on IT Centre Help. The aim here is to be able to

access the RWTH network remotely but securely, as if you were on site. We also recommend regularly updating your security software, as regular updates and patches create the basis for a secure digital space. A tip for our lovebirds at work: there should be clear guidelines for dealing with romantic content in the workplace in order to maintain data protection and professionalism. Encrypted messaging services help to protect private communication.


Shopping with Love

When sending online gifts, it is important to ensure secure shipping and use trusted platforms. Use verified online gift services or reputable retailers to ensure the integrity of your digital gifts. Make sure you only disclose personal information such as credit card details on encrypted and secure websites.

Preferably use payment methods with additional security, such as payments via PayPal or credit cards with a secure 3D Secure procedure. Also check the online shop’s reviews and privacy policy before making your purchases to minimise the risk of fraud.

In the midst of the love of Valentine’s Day, digital security is just as important. From protecting yourself from phishing emails to choosing online gifts safely, small steps can ensure a secure online experience. Enjoy Valentine’s Day worry-free by protecting your digital world with love!



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