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Europe Day 2024: United in Diversity

May 27th, 2024 | by

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Europe Day took place on 14 May this year, when the Berufsschule an der Lindenstraße (BKAL) organized a project day for students, teachers and interested parties. Our trainee Yasin Kalem gave several presentations about his time in Malta to show other trainees and interested parties the possibilities of an internship abroad. He already reported on his experiences in Malta in an earlier blog post. To allow others to benefit from his findings, he shared them at the Europe Day.

Schedule of the Day

The motto of the European Union “United in diversity” is reflected in the organization of Europe Day by the entire school. For the third year in a row, Europe Day was organized as a joint day of encounter and exchange. External speakers and the classes themselves organize the day every year with discussions, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, art, music and much more.

In the first presentation, Yasin Kalem talked about how he came to do the internship and the factors that played a role in his preparation. He particularly emphasized the support of the IT Center, the school and the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce. For this reason, the mobility advisors Hanna Costa and Marie Hoffmann accompanied the trainee throughout the event, informing him in particular about Malta and the opportunities available there. They also reported on his internship company and his tasks there.


Motivation for Future Trainees

For Yasin Kalem, sharing his everyday life in Malta and the associated insights was also of great importance. Using visual presentations and our blog, he gave the other students the opportunity to gain an overview of the many opportunities in Malta and within the Erasmus+ project.

A key aspect of such a stay abroad is learning the culture and improving language skills. In his presentations, he aimed to take away the fear of a foreign country and show that you don’t have to feel lost there. He was also able to contribute his knowledge of dialog marketing and motivate the audience to take advantage of the opportunities within vocational training.

A Day of Encounters and Inspiration

The Europe Day at BKAL was a complete success. It not only provided a platform for exchange and encounters, but also the opportunity to share valuable information and experiences. The presentations by Yasin Kalem about his time in Malta were inspiring and motivating for everyone involved. They showed how important and enriching an internship abroad can be and how it helps to experience and appreciate the diversity and unity of Europe.

Responsible for the content of this article is Yasin Kalem.

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