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Access to the IT-ServiceDesk Blocked

June 21st, 2024 | by

Since July 11, 2024, the construction work has been completed and access to the IT-ServiceDesk is once again possible as usual via the upper entrance!

Street sign with the inscription "detour"


Temporary Construction Work at Seffenter Weg 23

From Friday, June 21, 2024, the upper entrance to the IT Center service building at Seffenter Weg 23 and thus also the entrance to the IT-ServiceDesk will be closed for approximately 14 days due to paving work. This means that the entrance to the IT-ServiceDesk cannot be used either.

During this time, the parking lot will be closed to cars and bicycles. The disabled parking space will be relocated to the parking lot to the right of the main entrance to the IT Center (Seffenter Weg 23 / corner of Kopernikusstraße).


Walkways During the Paving Work

Barrier-free access to the teaching wing and especially to the IT-ServiceDesk will then be via the main entrance to the IT Center, the elevators, and the connecting corridor across the courtyard area between the buildings during the paving work. The route is signposted from the infoPoint.

The upper entrance will remain as an emergency exit for regular operations during the closure. However, there are also sufficient alternative escape routes available (rear entrance 1st floor to the outside as the first escape route, escape route 3rd floor via escape staircase, side entrance to the teaching wing, central corridor to the other part of the building).


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