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Dynamic Sitting at Work

January 6th, 2023 | by
Illustration: Instructions for correct posture during office work

Source: Freepik

Dynamic sitting at work is an important tool that can help us promote our back health and prevent problems.

When sitting dynamically, we should make sure to constantly shift our weight and change our sitting position. Therefore, if we constantly adopt different sitting positions, we will improve our spinal support muscles on the one hand, and on the other hand, the movement will provide our intervertebral discs with nutrients. Thus, we have the opportunity to prevent unnecessary back pain. At the same time, we can avoid muscular imbalances that occur when muscles atrophy, weaken and ultimately shorten due to one-sided strain.

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Opportunities and Challenges Working From Home – Part 1

December 21st, 2022 | by
Workplace that becomes a place of well-being through many plants

Well-Being Oasis in the Home Office
Source: Unsplash

Since the start of the Corona pandemic in spring 2020, working from home has been part of the daily working life for many of us. Working from home was initially a big change for most of us and offers both opportunities and challenges at the same time. In this blog post, we would like to show you the opportunities that workin from home offers and how to implement them as well as possible challenges and risks that arise from working from home.

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Fit in the Homeoffice – Our Tips for Staying Fit

January 21st, 2022 | by
Woman in home office on a mat at the laptop

Source: Pexels

How healthy do we actually live in the home office or even through the word “New Work” coined by the ongoing change in the working world?” In this article, we would like to give you some valuable tips on how to stay fit in the homeoffice, in order to provide you with new motivation for healthier exercise behaviour in the home office.

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