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Fit in the Homeoffice – Our Tips for Staying Fit

January 21st, 2022 | by
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How healthy do we actually live in the home office or even through the word “New Work” coined by the ongoing change in the working world?” In this article, we would like to give you some valuable tips on how to stay fit in the homeoffice, in order to provide you with new motivation for healthier exercise behaviour in the home office.

Sitting is unhealthy

 Many small everyday movements have been missing since the corona crisis: the way to the office, whether by bike or on foot, the steps to the bus or train, going up and down the coffee machine or visiting colleagues in the office. In the last two years, all of this has been abruptly eliminated from everyday life, and now, according to a to a study by the German Health Insurance Company (DKV) in cooperation with the German Sport University Cologne, young adults in Germany spend up to 10.5 hours a day on the computer. On average, office workers get between 8.5 and 9.6 hours of sitting per day. This is a development that should be viewed with concern: a well-known quote from the Harvard Business Review reads “Sitting is our generation’s smoking” and underlines the urgency of raising awareness about the current lack of exercise.

But now for more pleasant news: walking is considered a new leisure time trend! In the current DVK study, 48% of those surveyed said that they go out for a walk more often. Because outdoor exercise not only clears our heads, it also helps us to leave our everyday stress behind us (at least for a short time) and take a deep breath. We have summarised the following tips on how to increase exercise during the home office and how to expand everyday exercise:

Integrate more movement into the daily routine


  • How about a short exercise break every half to full hour? A walk to the kettle, the coffee machine or a little walk around your own four walls.
  • Those who can carry out the video conferences or telephone calls while standing up, please do so next time 😉 Or perhaps you could take a short walk in the meantime.
  • Change your sitting position as often as possible. Gyrate the shoulders and loosen them up a bit.
  • Use your lunch break for a short walk or stretch, even if it’s only 10 minutes! On the GEO website you can find great exercises for a trained back and better posture.


Use the RWTH Aachen Pausenexpress

And of course we would like to point out the great offer of the university sports: The Pausenexpress has been available at the university since 2010 and has been constantly adapted and developed. The offer is aimed at all employees of RWTH and FH and enables a 15-minute exercise session directly at the workplace. Mobilisation, strengthening and relaxation exercises are carried out. At the moment, the Break Express Online is running via Zoom. A few dates are still possible for the winter semester 2021/2022, then the summer offer already awaits us.

Let’s go – from sitting all day to doing sports during the break – ready to go? Then get into your sports clothes! We hope you enjoy trying them out. Speaking of sportswear: Today is International Sweatpants Day – on our Twitter channel you can tell us what you wear in the home office and send us a photo of your favourite sweatpants in the homeoffice.


Responsible for the content of this article is Lina-Louise Kaulbach.

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