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Kahle: The Concert Hall – a machine for music? Or how to integrate acoustic design into architecture

Juni 3 @ 11:00 - 12:00

For Concert Halls, most people agree that the acoustic quality is a quintessential element of the success of the project, and often the acoustics is considered as being more important than the architectural design. Yet it should be clear that architecture and acoustics are totally interwoven, and every architectural decision will have an acoustic effect and vice versa. Even the dimensions of interest are the same in acoustics and architecture, the wavelengths of audible sound range from a few millimeters (corresponding to architectural surface texture) to a few meters (corresponding to large-scale architectural design). At Kahle Acoustics, we believe that acoustic solutions should not be “bolted on” but integrated into the architectural language. The advantage is that, once the acoustic principles are clear and taken into account, there are always several solutions to achieve the goals and the most appropriate solution can be developed in close collaboration with the architects.

Examples will be given ranging from Concert Hall design, where the architectural freedom is very different between a shoebox design and a vineyard or free-form design, to placement of absorption in offices, restaurants and auditoria.

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Juni 3
11:00 - 12:00


IHTA Seminarraum (60 Persons) and Zoom-Meeting (Hybrid)
Kopernikusstr. 5
Aachen, 52074 Deutschland
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