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Liu: Transfer path analysis in Ultrasonic Metal Welding based on experimental data and simulations

September 24 @ 11:00 - 12:00

Ultrasonic metal welding (USMW) is a kind of solid-state bonding technique for connecting similar or dissimilar metals using extremely fast frequency oscillations (ultrasonic frequencies). However, some details of vibration during the USMW are still unclear in this study field. In this work, 27 groups of measurements on the oscillation of the sonotrode and anvil vibrations along the direction of USMW between two copper layer sheets have been recorded by LaserDoppler vibrometers (LDV). Based on the recorded data sets, the ratio and phase shift between the anvil and sonotrode around 20kHz have been analyzed. In the meanwhile, the mass-spring-damper model has been fitted into different stages of USMW according to the empirical phase model from Balz’s dissertation [1] based on the 27 groups of measurement data sets. Finally, the relevant Spring coefficient and damping coefficients have been studied at different welding states over the welding time.

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September 24
11:00 - 12:00