RWTH Schüler*innenuni 2023 at IHTA

06. September 2023 | von

On July 20th, around 20 pupils aged 16 to 18 years, visited IHTA as part of the “Schüler*innenuni” by the Electrical Engineering faculty at RWTH Aachen. In a short introduction, they got insights into what research is conducted at IHTA and which role institutes take over at the university. Afterwards, they took part in four different workshops. They experienced the effect of standing waves, how we hear binaurally, and how the speed of sound and the Doppler effect are connected. Additionally, they built a simple loudspeaker with Lego bricks, aluminium foil, and magnets. To conclude the “Schüler*innenuni” workshop at IHTA, three research assistants presented what they studied and how they afterwards found their way into research. Everybody had a lot of fun experiencing some fundamentals of acoustics, the pupils as well as the assistants!



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