Latest Episode of the RWTH Podcast: The Opportunities of Learning Online

June 3rd, 2020 | by

Teaching as a whole has been confronted with rapid changes due to the corona pandemic, not just at RWTH Aachen University. But this necessary digitalization also represents a great opportunity. Dr. Malte Persike, Scientific Director of the Center for  Learning and Teaching Services (CLS), explains the different possibilities modern teaching offers in the latest episode of the RWTH podcast Corona – Our Answers to the Pandemic.

Together with his team from the RWTH Chair of Sociology of Technology and Organization (STO), Professor Roger Häußling conducts video chat interviews with those responsible for the digitization of teaching, as well as virologists and physicians at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen, the Rectorate of RWTH, AStA Student’s Committee, political scientists and experts in ethics, economics (including innovation research), computer science, and mechanical engineering.–Persike-und-die-neue-Welt-des-digitalen-Lernens-eeubit

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