Student Course Evaluations Only Conducted Online

June 4th, 2020 | by

The online semester also has an impact on the student course evaluations, which have been conducted at RWTH every semester since 2004. Previously, it was usually possible for instructors to choose between conducting the questionnaire online or on paper. The overwhelming majority chose the paper questionnaire, which was filled out during the course and consequently resulted in consistently high participation rates. Under the conditions of the online semester, however, this option is not possible. Therefore, all courses will be evaluated online this time around. In order to do justice to the changed conditions in teaching, the questionnaire also differs in content. In particular, a new block of questions on online teaching has now been added.

Both AStA and Professor Krieg, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning, warmly encourage all students to participate in the student course evaluation this semester as well. Invitations will be sent out successively from around mid-June. Students will receive them either in an automatic email or an email from their instructors.

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