Ban on Entering the Königshügel Stadium to be Lifted On June 15

June 9th, 2020 | by

The University Sports Center (HSZ) has announced that the current ban on entering the Königshügel Stadium will be lifted on June 15. As a result, the running track and the woodchip track can then be used once again. The extended interim sports program has already been running since June 2. In addition to the outdoor classes already on offer, courses are now once again held in the Königshügel Sports Hall Complex, the Ahornstraße Sports Hall, and the Eckertweg Sports Hall. The reopening of the RWTH Gym under special arrangements has also been successful and participants can go upon a single appointment booking. Booking is always enabled 24 hours prior to the course via the HSZ website and no staff sports card is required for this. The running tracks can also be used to prepare for the online Lousberglauf, which is part of the NRW Uni-Laufcup. The event is free of charge and independent of location. Please read further information on this offer at

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